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Thursday, July 15, 2010

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For this role, I have not copied any particular politician but, yes, I have been observing a lot about them. I’m playing a dynamic and stylish young politician,” added Arjun, who had earned rave reviews for playing a negative character in “Om Shanti Om”.

There was much speculation that he had to put on weight for his character in “Rajneeti”, but the actor joked that before he could gain weight, recession hit the markets badly and he lost it all.

Arjun walked the ramp for many years before turning to films, but he said he is more comfortable as an actor as it gives him the opportunity to try something new every day.

“I get bored very easily and acting is something that offers me to do something new every day. It is very exciting and chances of you getting bored are very less. So I’m enjoying my stint as an actor,” he said.

The actor rubbished rumours of having doubled his price for Vipul Shah’s “Action Replay”.

“This is not at all true. Yes, I’m not doing that movie, but the reason behind it is creativity differences and date clashes. It’s a lovely script and I really wish I could have been a part of it,” he said.

Apart from “Rajneeti”, Arjun will also be seen in “Fox” with Sunny Doel, “The Legend of Kunal” with Amitabh Bachchan and in Sajid Khan’s “Housefull”.

She admitted that Akshay has been a great inspiration to her and she has learnt dedication from him, “I have learnt dedication towards work from my co-star Akshay Kumar. If you have good talent but take it for granted, then it fails for you. However, if you have less talent but work hard towards it then you get what you want. Someone like Akshay has a good combination of both talents which he hones further by working hard on it.”

I guess most of you might have heard of this game, though u might not play it. Warcraft III, when it was originally released in 2002, contained one of the most engrossing single player campaigns along with sloppy, unfocused multiplayer. DotA fixes this problem in a very un-RTS way. It takes the single-player hero based gameplay and turns it into a 5 on 5 multiplayer brawl. So its almost like playing a small World of Warcraft battleground from a 3/4 perspective.

Ways to play it online consist of Bnet, Garena, Hamachi, Lancraft, Zion etc etc. Playing dota was once my favourite hobby until the recent patch to 6.55/6.55b. Major changes to the map layout seems to make the game lose its ‘feel’ compared to the previous version. The new two heros seems to be too imba, making the game kindda dead boring to me. I prefer the older version myself.. How do the rest of you gamers think of that? Feel free to make comments =D

Katrina Kaif recently faced some funny problem with her dress during the shooting of Priyadarshan’s De Dana Dhan.

She was shooting with Akshay Kumar at Mehboob Studios in Bandra and it required Katz to stay in rain for long time.

Her saree suddenly started shrinking until a good part of her legs were left exposed. The only solution for Priyadarshan at such a stage was to shoot only close up scenes and avoid long shots.

He is being called ‘King Khan’ and ‘Badshah of Bollywood’. his films are like ISI mark. He has reached to the position of choice where his films flops or hits their release is an awaited affair. Things which makes him apart from other actors are his average looks, fast speech, soulful eyes, dimples on checks, thick lips and most imp is his saying ‘I’m the best’. He feels acting is making unbelievable believable. He feels he become a better actor after acting in his two films which are also close to his heart… Dil Se and Kal Ho Naa Ho.

While studying he fell in love with Gauri Chibba who was then studying in Loreto Delhi. He later married her before coming into films. The most talented and hard working actor known to have an inflated ego, for which he works hard to keep it floating. He is having two children a son “Aryaan” and a daughter. He loves his children very much.These day he had started reading books on science as he dont want to be sound like a stupid dad, when they’ll ask him which is bigger, Uranus or Saturn. He teaches them one new thing everyday. it could be names of Fidel Castro, Michael Schumacher, Osama Bin Laden or a place a name. He is planning to read maths in another two/three years.

He feels for the younger generation that should follow his zest for life and love of doing the best they can. They should believes that there is a purpose in life that you supposed to fulfill follows it wholeheartedly. And never give up when you stumble and not taken seriously.

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Pritam's music rocks. Generally, in most thrillers, the music takes a backseat, but not here. 'Allah Duhai Hai' [foot-tapping], 'Pehli Nazar Mein' [with soulful rendition by Atif Aslam], 'Touch Me' [very saucy] and 'Sexy Lady' [the new track; trendy] are terrific compositions all and their filming and choreography are masterly. The fact that the yuppie crowd has taken to the songs in a big way, says it all. The race at the start and the chase in the climax [Allan Amin] are fantastic. You haven't witnessed something like this ever before on the Hindi screen, that's for sure! Hussain Burmawala's editing is razor-sharp. It's one of the best edited works!

Dialogues [Anuraag Prapanna, Jitendra Parmar] are excellent. Styling [Anaita Shroff Adajania] is superb. Background score [Salim-Sulaiman] has the international feel. Choreography [Bosco-Caesar and Ganesh Acharya] is top class.

Every actor in RACE puts his/her best foot forward. Saif has been coming up with sparkling portrayals and films like KAL HO NAA HO, EK HASINA THI, HUM TUM, SALAAM | NAMASTE, OMKARA and EKLAVYA – THE ROYAL GUARD portrayed the actor's acting skills to the fullest. Now add RACE to his illustrious repertoire. He's marvelous all through and the bearded look suits him very much.

The twist in the tale comes in when in walks pretty little Sofia claiming to be Ranvir's lawfully wedded wife and the person who will now get the 100 million dollars from his death! So while Inspector Robert D'Costa (Anil Kapoor) and his assistant Mini (Sameera Reddy) try to solve Ranvir Singh's murder, younger brother Rajiv Singh tries to get hold of the money from Sofia. And just when you think this is yet another Bollywood good vs evil film, Abbas Mastan throw in a couple more twists!

Overall the film is not bad but a large amount of credit for that goes to the editor and to Allan Amin – the man behind all the action. Abbas Mastan will draw in fans to the box office largely because of the multi star line up and for the infamous Bipasha Basu – Saif Ali Khan lovemaking number (which let us warn you isn't all that much!). The fast cars, horse racing and the locales of South Africa make the film a treat to watch.

But as far as the acting is concerned a lot of the times you were left laughing (when you shouldn't) and cringing (when you definitely shouldn't!) The girls looked great thanks to Anahita Shroff Adajania and Katrina and Sameera did just that. It was only Bipasha who can actually claim to have acted in the film. Akshaye Khanna and Saif, on the other hand, were brilliant. The less said about Anil Kapoor and Sameera the better!

Salman Khan and his entourage avoided a party thrown by Kareena Kapoor for celebrating Saif Ali Khan’s birthday.

This was to avoid collision course with rival Shah Rukh Khan and his party who were in strong presence at the party. The party was hosted at “ Four Seasons” in Worli, Mumbai.

Instead, Salman chose to attend a party thrown by Subhash Ghai to celebrate his wife Rehana’s birthday at the JW Marriott in Juhu, despite a special invitation from Kareena Kapoor.

June 05, 2009, exuded sophisticated charm in a blue figure hugging one shoulder dress at Audi Q5 Launch Party at India Bulls Centre, South Mumbai on Thursday, June 4.

Katrina, 24, was accompanied to the event by Bollywood colleague

She wore a blue tiered dress with ruffle detail on the bodice and black belt. Besides her ever endearing smile, the Singh Is Kinng star accessorized with black patent pumps and leaf drop earrings.

Her Barbie doll inspired long hair, styled in loose curls and asymmetrical side parting, framed her gorgeous face and draped her right shoulder. She wore pearl pink lipstick, matching blush, thick black eyeliner with heavy mascara.

Second time winner of the sexiest woman title by a men's magazine, Katrina says she considers herself pretty not sexy. “It feels good to be voted by fans and that too in such huge numbers, but I don’t think if you wear a bikini or show skin, you look sexy. I would rather say I’m pretty," said Katrina.




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In a pole conducted by a famous celeb magazine, Katrina Kaif holds the top notch of list of sexiest actress in Bollywood. Kat was the undisputed choice as she left behind hot Bipasha, ultra fit Kareena, superwomen Priyanka Chopra and even sex bomb Mallika Sherawat by a huge margin.

However, even though her look bewitched the voters and won her the sexiest card, the cute faced actress flared horribly in the list of actresses, who are most likely to work in a Hollywood flick. Surprisingly Aishwarya Rai, who is touted as the Hollywood material too failed, a piece of information, we are sure would
Katrina Kaif (born July 16, 1984) is a model and Bollywood actress. With her attractive features, Katrina was offered a number of modeling assignments. However, filmmakers were at first hesitant to sign her because of her linguistic shortcomings, such as her inability to speak Hindi. Films that did feature her usually had her voice dubbed over by a native speaker of the film's language. This changed with the film, Namastey London, in which she dubbed her own lines.Thanks for visiting today. The Hurricane Katrina photos, images, and other information you find on this website has been viewed by concerned citizens of more than 155 countries since the storm hit. To view the photos and images click on any of the links below to be taken directly to the galleries. If you start at the top of the list and work your way down you will taken on a very compelling tour of the devastated areas that will simply break your heart.
Read how one family, struggling to find God's Will in their life takes root in their simple, old-fashioned way of life to raise their family of 6 babies while rallying to the needs of total strangers devastated by Hurricane Katrina. From rescuing victims from roofs and out of rising water to reuniting lost family members, from hearing the cries

“ Katrina will be entering her 27th year which indicates health issues, mainly due to unnecessary stress, negativity etc. which she is so much surrounded with and hence can affect her blood pressure levels”, predicts Bhavikk.

“On the professional front, her next release Farah Khan's Tees Maar Khan adds up to Number 38 (2). For Kat, Number 2 is one of her strongest numbers and so this film will make her position stronger than what it already is. Her pairing with Akshay Kumar will 'click' once more and the movie will turn out to be one of the biggest hits of this year”, predicts Bhavikk.

“On the personal front, Katrina will not marry Salman and if she does, then it will not last long. They are completely different persons. Salman is a Number 9 (December 27, 1965) ruled by Mars (Number 9), Number 8 (Saturn – Capricorn) and Number 6 (Venus).

They share just the Number 9 in common but nothing else. Numbers 7 and 9 do not gel well with difference of opinion being the main negative aspect. They both are different people with no similar ideologies but can be friends for sure.

In nutshell, there is no great compatibility between the two and Katrina should avoid taking Salman too seriously. Rather, Katrina should not even think of marriage till July 2011”, informs Bhavikk.

“ I would advise her to wear an Emerald and a Pearl set in silver to bring in mental peace and stop unnecessary delays in his life (whatsoever) ”, advices Bhavikk before signing off.

In my opinion, I don’t see deep friendships working here, because of the simple reason that one is honestly too busy with the work, and the little time they get, they obviously want to spend with their family,” says Katrina Kaif, recently chosen as Asia’s sexiest woman, when pondering on the question of friendship between actresses in Bollywood. “Also, it’s very competitive here, it becomes really bad sometimes. I would like to say, however, that Preity (Zinta) is one actress who’s fun to work with. She has this exceptional quality in her that allows you to really trust her.”

And what about Salman Khan? Let’s get straight to the point. Are they going to get married? “I’m very young right now,” explains Katrina, “I’m just 24 and very happy with the way things are going. I have been very lucky to have achieved so much. I can only speak for myself but I would say that presently I don’t want things to change for me. I want to stay like this for some more time.”

Okay, so what about Akshay Kumar? Are they an on-screen jodi? “I’m happy that we are being seen like that,” she says, “But I have done films with Abhishek, Bobby, Sunny, Akshay, Saif, Salman and Akshaye Khanna, but people always pick Akshay out of the lot. Race was a superhit, but you never hear or read about me with Saif.”

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Katrina Kaif is no doubt one of the most popular heroines in Bollywood today. But can she match up to the steps of the ‘Dhak Dhak Girl’ Madhuri Dixit? Don’t think Katrina can dance as well as Madhuri but she has the guts to do her steps.

Yes, Katrina will be performing a hot item number for Farah Khan’s film Tees Maar Khan. She will be seen in a naughty ghaghra choli designed by Aki Narula. It’s not a cake walk for the actress, as she is going to shake like Madhuri, who was known for dancing. She will practice for 15-20 days for the particular dance number.

Director Farah Khan confirmed that Katrina has to do a village belle number a la Madhuri in Tees Maar Khan. She added that she has even given her Madhuri’s DVDs to watch, so that she gets the right expressions and the thumkas. The song will be shot at Malsej Ghat and choreograph by Geeta Kapoor and the director herself.
Hurricane Katrina made landfall near New Orleans on August 29, 2005, but still today we do not know the true death toll. Just how many people lost their lives as a result of that tragic event?

The Earth Institute is attempting to document all those who died as a result of the Hurricane and its extended aftermath and we need your help.

There are two principal reasons why the death toll remains unclear. One is that a large number of people remain missing. The second is that the number of deceased depends on exactly who is counted as being a victim of the hurricane. We must count all who drowned or were crushed in building collapses, but do we count those who had a prior medical condition such as heart disease or respiratory problems that were fatally aggravated by the trauma of the hurricane? Do we count those who committed suicide in the days after? Without details of who died or what caused their death we cannot begin to answer questions such as these concerning the variable risks people face in natural disasters.

The purpose of this Web site is to assemble a comprehensive list of all those who died directly and indirectly from the effects of Katrina and its long, tragic aftermath. We would like to compile as comprehensive a list as possible of the names, age, race, sex, cause of death, circumstances of death and way of life of all those whose deaths could plausibly be attributed to the hurricane or its consequences.
Hurricane Katrina devastated millions of Americans in New Orleans and throughout Gulf Coast states. AmeriCares responded immediately - delivering critically needed medicines, supporting doctors, aiding victims and helping local aid charities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Today, we’re still responding to people’s needs Katrina-affected neighborhoods. We support families in crisis with charitable contributions of medicines, medical supplies and emergency relief.

Since 1984, AmeriCares has delivered more than $100 million worth of lifesaving aid and disaster relief in the United States. With support from people like you, we’ve helped America recover from natural disasters - from California wildfires to deadly tornadoes which ravage small towns in the South and Midwest.

And AmeriCares stands ready to help when the next disaster strikes. We know there will be new hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters that will cause future havoc and destruction. AmeriCares will help, whenever and wherever we are needed. And we hope you will support our efforts.